- I endorse my responsibility of collaborating with my colleagues.
- I have sufficient knowledge and skills to make a professional contribution to a good pedagogical climate in my school, as well as to good working relations and a good school organisation.

Year 1-3

Bilingual TP

In a Dutch teaching practice place, they just started teaching bilingually (English-Dutch). My mentor was Dutch and had to speak English to the children since last year. She didn't know all words yet, so it came in handy that I was there for 8 weeks. She asked me for translations sometimes and of course I was happy to help.

PE Lesson

All the 6 KG classes during this teaching practice made use of the same gym. Big material is put down at the beginning of the week. One week, I thought of a lesson and put the materials in place. I communicated this with the other teachers by making a compact lesson plan and handing it out to them first thing in the morning.

Assessment Process

During one of my teaching practices, I helped the teachers with the assessment process. This consisted of checking with every child individually if they reached their week's goal. I took care of this for some weeks and shared all the information with the teachers on paper as well as clarifying everything verbally.

Year 4

Math Lessons

My final teaching practice was in one of the three 3rd grade classes. The teacher of one of the other classes prepared all math lessons. Because I like math and I did a math minor, I asked her if she needed any help preparing. I made Powerpoints and prepared lessons. We also prepared math lessons together.
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Art Lessons

During my final teaching practice, some lessons were given by specialist teachers. I asked my mentor if I was allowed to teach an art lesson. I spoke to the art teacher about my idea to do an Eric Carle themed lesson and she told me I could. She was in the art room whenever I had a question during the lesson, as I wasn’t familiar with the materials and where everything was, and during preparations if I had any other questions.

Opinions of Teaching Practice mentors

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4