- I endorse my intercultural responsibility.
- I Possess a critical awareness of the dimensions of my own cultural identity.
- I am aware of different representations of diversity and of cultural and minority issues in education.
- I value diversity in language and culture as a rich asset, and promotes equal opportunities for all pupils.
- I foster cultural exchanges between pupils.
- I should be seeking skillfully to explore opportunities to extend learning,
particularly if a greater awareness of local issues can be achieved.

- I have sufficient knowledge and skills to handle group processes and intercultural and international communication.

Year 1-3

Catholic Christmas

During my teaching practice, Christmas was celebrated. My mentor told me we would go to church with the whole schools and Santa Claus is not referred to in all of this. They celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Even though I am not religious, I thought it was interesting and beneficial to see how a Catholic school celebrated this. 


Sinterklaas is a Dutch tradtition, celebrated on December 5th. In one of my Dutch teaching practice places in a bilingual Kindergarten class, I let the children cut out and paste the different elements of Sinterklaas' head.

Kikker en de Vreemdeling

I read the book 'Kikker en de vreemdeling' by Max Velthuijs to a small group in a Dutch Montessori group 5. After reading the book, we spoke about prejudices together. Following the discussion, I gave them a task where they needed to write down what they would do if they were the main character of the book.


During my minor of 'Intercultural Understanding and Religion' in Norway, some classmates and I visited the northern part of the country, where the indigenous Sami live. To experience their culture, we adapted to their lifestyle by taking care of reindeer and sleeping in a Sami tent.

Selma & Roos

In one of my Dutch teaching practice places, I read a story about a Turkish girl playing at her Dutch friend's house and vice versa. Afterwards, I let the children cut out pictures and paste them in the column where they thought the pictures belong; Selma, Roos, or both.

Head, Shoulders,
Knees and Toes

As I would like to teach in English after graduating, I also make use of the opportunity to teach something English to a Dutch teaching practice class. In this combined group 3, 4 & 5, I taught the English version of a song they already knew in Dutch. 

Year 4


During my final teaching practice, I wrote the phrase 'Good morning' on the board in a different language every morning for a week. If the children would ask me a question about it, I wouldn't  give anything away. On the last day, one of the boys figured out what it meant "Bonjour means good morning, Goedemorgen sounds like good morning in German. They must all mean good morning!" he exclaimed excitedly. We spoke about this during carpet time at the end of the day.


For my writing portfolio, I had to write in Arabic. In my final teaching practice, there was an Arabic teacher next door to our classroom. I showed her what I had to do for school and she gave me a quick lesson of Arabic and told me to take as many pictures as I'd like. She mentioned that what I had to write in my portfolio meant 'bread'.

Opinions of Teaching Practice mentors

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4