- I endorse my interpersonal responsibility.
- I am aware of my own behaviour and its influence on the pupils.
- I have sufficient knowledge and skills to handle group processes and (intercultural and international) communication.

Year 1-3

Career Moves

I made a Prezi presentation at the end of the first year of my study. It shows the path I walked until now, with as goal a career in educating children to become individual global citizens.
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During teaching practice, I heard that one of the children had no contact with his father. I asked my mentor if there were likewise situations so that I wouldn't unconsciously make any hurting remarks. One child was being raised by two women, of one child the parents didn't speak Dutch fluently and one of the children was being raised multilingual. I was aware of these diversities. Even though there's diversity, all the children were equal to me.

Explaining an Assignment

During working time, I walked through the classroom to see if there were any questions. When there were, I sat down next to the child and tried my best to answer their question. When I wasn't sure about the technique they used (e.g. in maths), I would ask the teacher first.

Circle Time

In the morning, the teacher does an activity with the whole class while sitting in a circle. Here, I am doing one. I asked all the children to see out of how many letters their name consists. One of the boys was struggling, so I took my time to help him find the answer, involving other children by asking questions so they would stay focused.

Year 4

CIS Conference

During my final year of study, I went to a CIS conference in London to meet people involved in international education, to introduce myself and to make new connections. I intend to do this more often as it is interesting to meet these people and to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Helping with a Project

One of the children in class had a hard time concentrating on assignments. My mentor asked me if I wanted to work together with him on a project (writing an essay) that the whole class was doing individually. I managed to keep him on track and to finish an essay that he was proud of, and to finish this on time. I wrote a likewise essay to have an example for the child.

Opinions of Teaching Practice mentors

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4