- I endorse my organisational responsibility.
- I have sufficient organisational knowledge and skills to create a good living- and working climate in my classes and in the classroom. I accomplish this in a professional and systematic manner.

Year 1-3

TP folder

I organise all of my lesson plans and additional papers needed for teaching practice, in a folder. I bring this folder to teaching practice every day. I do this so that every time when I need to give a lesson or do an assignment, I have everything with me. The front paper is sort of an index of what is in the folder.

Daily Schedule

In this KG class, the children were able to see the program of the day by looking at these pictures. Sometimes, things could change. For instance when it was time to play outside and it rained. When I would be teaching the whole day, I always let the children know of this change and asked them it they can think of why we had to change it.

Circle Time

During one of my teaching practices, the children had circle time every morning. They sit in a circle on their chairs and together with the teacher, they discusses the day, the weather and/or do a small activity. I had trouble with keeping structure during this time of day so I asked the teacher if I could do circle time for the last 2 weeks of teaching practice to develop my skills some more.

Year 4

Class Schedule

During Teaching Practice, I created an Excel file of the weekly class schedule. I had ten copies, one for every week. On the schedule, I colour coded the subjects. Orange were the ones that were given my specialist teachers, blue were the ones that I would give and  the ones that are grey are subjects I could not give (e.g. lunch, break, silent reading).

Step-by-Step Plan

For the Fairy tale lesson series I gave, at the beginning of every lesson, I wrote down on the board for the children what the plan was. I started with an introduction, explaining all the steps on the board. When they were finished with one step, they could move on to the next one.

Opinions of Teaching Practice mentors

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4