- I endorse my pedagogical responsibility.
- I have sufficient pedagogical knowledge and skills to create a safe learning environment, so that the children can develop into autonomous and responsible people.
- I adopt methodologies and strategies for the learning needs of pupils, and which enables all pupils to participate fully in learning, and enhance diversity in the classroom. I accomplish this in a professional and systematic manner.

Year 1-3

Term Paper

In the first year of my study, I wrote a term paper about rules in the classroom. This was a theoretical paper in where I came to understand the importance of having rules. The children know the teacher's expectations and limits, which is beneficial for a healthy relationship and good classroom management.
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One of my teaching practice schools had a Bee-Bot available. This is a robotic toy that follows a path you tell it to follow by pressing the buttons. Children can predict the steps it takes when pressing buttons. One of the Kindergarten girls easily achieved the goals she needed to pass, so she was up for more of a challenge. I did exercises with her and the Bee-Bot with multiple levels of difficulty.

PE Lesson

I was excited to give my first PE lesson. This was in a Kindergarten class. My mentor and I decided for me to give this lesson, but to plan it together with me leading. The week after, I would do the same lesson, but improved. There were some things I had instantly learned, like agreeing on a sign with the children to stop and listen and to make sure during explanation that everyone has a place to sit. 

Conflict Solving

I wrote a research paper about conflict solving in kindergarten with connections made to teaching practice. This research consisted of a theoretical part about conflict solving and preventing, as well as conflict solving in one particular class, which was my teaching practice class at the time.
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Year 4


For math lessons during my final teaching practice, I always had an actvity for the children after the instruction. When children were ready with that activity, I always had two worksheets ready on the same topic which would challenge them a bit more.


For one of the lessons, the class and I were talking about different languages. I wrote all the languages the children could think of on the board. Every child has heard of at least one language so everyone would be involved. I always tend to write things on the board during lessons or to make mindmaps to make it visual for visual learners. If a child gets distracted for a moment and they look at the board, I noticed they will be back on track  quicker than when the board is empty and nothing's there to remind them of the lesson.

Opinions of Teaching Practice mentors

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4