- I endorse my responsibility for my own professional development.
- I analyse and develop my views on the profession and my competency as an international primary school teacher, and make them explicit.

Year 1-3

PE Lesson

I was excited to give my first gym lesson. This was in a Kindergarten class. My mentor and I decided for me to give this lesson and plan it together with me leading. The week after I would kind of do the same lesson but with improvements. There were some things I had instantly learned, like agree on a sign with the children to stop and listen and to make sure during explanation that everyone has a place to sit on the benches where I ask them to sit.

Circle Time

In one of my teaching practices places, I taught whole days. My mentor and I saw that we had to work on my teaching skills during circle time, so I asked her if I could do circle time every day for the last two weeks of TP to develop further.


Year 4


During my teaching practice, I did an assignment with kindergarten where they had to paste leafs on paper to make a hedgehog. They had three different activities and needed to do all of them in a week. So, this assignment was planned for the whole week too. During the first week, I noticed that the glue that we were using didn't make the leafs stick. At the end of the day, I fixed this by arranging better glue for the rest of the week. 

Preparation Time

During a two week teaching practice, my mentor asked me to give a lesson on a Dutch history topic. This lesson was already planned for the next day. She told me I could have gotten a lot more out of the lesson. I had little knowledge on the topic so doing a lesson the next day was probably not a good idea. We agreed that I would do a lesson on a topic I know more about and not for the next day, but I got some time to plan. This nature lesson about senses went a lot better. Time to prepare matters a lot.

Some reflections




Writer's Workshop

Opinions of Teaching Practice mentors

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4