- I endorse my responsibility with respect to subject knowledge and teaching methods.
- I have sufficient knowledge and skills in the subject matter (or I am able to learn it quickly).
- I teach and know which teaching methods to apply to create a powerful learning environment, where children can acquire the cultural baggage needed in the local and global society. I accomplish this in a contemporary, professional and systematic way.

Year 1-3

Environment Story

In a year 3 class, I let the children write a story about the environment in which they needed to use at least 10 out of 15 given words. I gave them a sentence to start with. This assignment was used for a presentation at school in where I analysed the mistakes made in the story of one of the children.

Describing the Giant

For one of the school assignments for English, we had to make a presentation about analysing an assignment of one of the children of the TP class. Not only did I learn to analyse mistakes, I also learned how this school corrects mistakes made by children.

Traffic Lesson

I taught a traffic lesson to group 5. I had never done this before. I read their workbook before giving the lesson and was then able to give reason behind these actions in traffic and make sense of the assignment for the children.

Assessment Tool

This is an assessment tool for 'Onderbouwd', where my KG teaching practice class works with. They need to pass a certain goal each week. Here, it was cause and effect. They needed to make small stories by putting  4 pictures in a horizontal line.

Assessment Booklet

Every child has their own booklet. In here, the teachers keep track of the achieved goals. The columns are the topics (time, weather, your body..). The teachers stamp whenever a goal is achieved and colour in whether the minimum or advanced goal is met.

Year 4

Long Division

A student from one grade higher visited my TP classroom. Her, my mentor and I were talking about math and  I asked the girl if she could show me how they do long division here at school. I was used to a different technique so I asked her to explain how she did this step by step.


My mentor told me it was time for a poetry unit and asked me if I wanted to prepare and give those lessons. I was excited, but told her I knew nothing about 3rd grade poetry. She told me to take my time to look into it and gave me some useful websites, tips and ideas. I made myself familiar with the concept and prepared and gave the lessons to the class.

Opinions of Teaching Practice mentors

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4