Teaching Practice at a Bilingual School – Circle Time

Last week, I asked the teacher if this week when she was here, I could do circle time. This was the time of the day that I thought I needed more practice with. We covered the usual things on Monday like Flip the Bear and ‘Stapperdestap’. At the end of the day I asked the teacher what she did when a child was showing all the pictures in Flip’s book about previous weekend. The child who took Flip home shows the pictures to the whole class when walking around the circle. I find that everyone gets really active during this time. The teacher told me that sometimes she shows the pictures herself, so that’s one way to go around it.
At the end it was time to tell the children about the goals to achieve this week. For group 1 this is measuring and for group 2 it is the difference in colour nuances. I showed them how to play the different games so they could work on it this week. I checked every child of group 1 on several days this week to see if they achieved the goal. It was a fun game and the children all liked it!

Birthday R. On Tuesday, we celebrated the birthday of one of the boys during circle time. Because I had never done this before, the teacher did the circle time today. She had never done it before in this class with Kindergartners. She received a paper from the other teacher of the class that said how the children were used to celebrating birthdays in class. As observed before and stated in one of my previous blogs, a birthday in this class is a whole happening! When coming to some parts of the birthday, the teacher did it a little bit different than what the children were used to and better believe they said something about it. It had to go exactly the way that they always do. Gotta love them!

A short circle today. The only thing we needed to do is the letter-suitcase. I had never done this before, only observed it. The teacher told me that the child does most of the work so I didn’t have to do much. After showing everything that was in the letter-suitcase, I asked the teacher what to do now with it, but that seemed to be it. To practice their counting, I counted all the things that were in the letter-suitcase. After that, I skip counted with them by 2 (2, 4, 6, 8) and also the odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9). Because 8 is a small amount, we also counted all the children in the class together, the even as well as the odd numbers again.
In the afternoon, I worked on one of the bigger school assignments with Irene, my colleague student teacher who is doing her practice in the same school as I am. We have to give a workshop to our classmates when we go back to school.

A busy day today! In the morning, my teacher from school came here to observe one of my lessons. He came to look at me during gym. I did almost the same lesson as last week. It went quite well, except that the children were way more active. Must be the time of year! Sinterklaas just went away and Christmas is coming. The children are really excited because of this. The main positive thing that my teacher observed about me is something that Miss P. also had said to me before: I have a really calm vibe. When something happens with the children, I talk it out together and don’t raise my voice. The thing to be worked on is to keep clear overview on the whole class when I am busy with one of the children. This is also something that Juf A. said to me before.
When working with group 1 on Onderbouwd, another KG teacher came to me that she needed someone in her class, maybe a student teacher and someone needed to arrange it because she didn’t have one and she had a meeting now. It was kind of chaotic and I couldn’t go there because I was busy with Onderbouwd. After some discussing and negotiating we concluded that I could finish the game from Onderbouwd with these children and then go to watch the other KG teacher’s class during lunch. Because all these children saw me for the first time and I know all the rules from KG on this school now, I could be strict with this class. They didn’t know me so this worked. They all listened well because they knew their boundaries with me within a short amount of time.
Later that afternoon, I had a meeting with the teaching practice coordinator from my teacher practice school. This meeting was together with two other student teachers that I hadn’t met yet. Things like our experiences at this school and whether expectations were met were talked about. It was a nice meeting to have and had a positive vibe all over.

Sorry to not have any pictures this week!

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