Hi everyone,

100% Dutch, but eager to learn about anything that isn't. Studying to be an international teacher and to work all around the world. Just a few more weeks to go and then off to work in primary education. That is, if I graduate. Fingers crossed!

I lived in Dublin, Ireland (9 months), Astana, Kazakhstan (2 months), Drammen, Norway (5 months) and Athens, Greece (3 months) so far. During my stays abroad, I try to travel as much as I can, not only in the country itself, but also the surrounding countries. I have seen breathtaking and stunning sceneries, check out the gallery to get an impression (coming soon).

Whenever I'm somewhere new, the first thing I do is explore the city, its surroundings and the local way of life. Laying around the pool or chill at the beach is not my thing. I'm always seeking things to see that I haven't seen before, preferably regarding nature or social behaviours.

Want to know more? Please keep updated on my blogs or read my articles.

See you around!